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Top 4 Cool Android Apps to use in 2020

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Written by Roshan Motwani

Hi guys, Its been a while I left blogging for scaling our YouTube Channel yet when you love something you can leave it for a long time. So, it will be our monthly post where I will share top 5 cool android apps that you must try and you might like some of them.

Being happy is a challenge in today’s life filed with distractions and stress. So without wasting time any further

Let’s jump right on the list. ( You won’t regret giving 5 minutes here )

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Are you the person with best phone in terms of camera or you have best photography skills.

I assume yes, then Adobe Photoshop Camera is an Amazing app for you in terms of fun and creativity both. It is a powerful photo-editing app that uses Sensei (Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform) to recognize the subject in photos and suggests the filters accordingly.

Adobe is one the leaders when it comes to photo and video creation app and software and this app never disappoints as it has many amazing filters and they can be used in real time i.e. in camera mode is also there for filters.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is free, at least for the time being, and you simply need to login to the app to use it.

Try it by downloading it from link below as number of downloads on app store might be limited for users.


This app is as its name sound, yes you guessed it right. If you love apps that offer people a platform to create short funny and amazing videos like Tiktok, Likee and so on. It is one the newest similar app to try and get hands on it.

Using the it is pretty much easy.

All the categories are there at the top of the screen, and you need to pick one to get started. Once you pick a template, all you need to do is pick a photo, and the app will do the rest. Plus, you can choose from a huge music library.

There are many great templates in this app to try yet it will be your job to find them.


Snapchat is quite a common name to be heard, Its one of the best camera and AR app in the world. Snapchat’s Camera is like stress buster for many people, people spend hours and hours changing filters one after one.

Bitmoji in snapchat allows you to create your cartoon avatar by customizing it and making it look like your miniature.

Apart from camera, it is a social media where you can connect, send snaps, create streaks and post story and statuses. In short if you’re bored of feed based social media apps, you must try snapchat as it will feel fresh and maybe get you some new and decent contacts.



ASKfm, a long-standing Q&A platform aimed at teens and millenials, you can ask questions related to anything or answer questions that were asked earlier. The best part is sarcastic nature of answers, you can enjoy reading answers and laugh till your belly starts to hurt and be a silent reader as me.

Among the new features is a simpler invite and notification system that allows users to invite people via SMS, as well as allowing for @mentions and viewing people who ‘liked’ your answers in a list.

Askfm is new platform so there might be chances of you getting viral there with much efforts.

ask fm in india

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