Best Android Camera Phone : Oneplus 7T Camera Review

best android camera phone oneplus 7t
Written by Roshan Motwani

So, Its been three months Oneplus has released its flagship phone OnePlus 7T and till now it is considered as one of the best android camera phone of all that are in market.

Yet to check in reality is it really the one ?

In today’s Camera Review of OnePlus 7T, I will tell you everything I found out using it for more than 2.5 months myself.

Camera Positon and Style

Oneplus 7t boasts three camera right at the back in bit old fashion circular built that has been previously used by Moto G5, G6 and G7 series of smartphones.

One being 48MP primary shooter, Second one is 16MP 117 degree wide angle shooter and the third one is 12MP 2x telephoto zoom shooter.

They can switched easily by selecting mode from the bottom of the screen.

Upgrades as Compared to OP 7 and 7 Pro

Oneplus has a few major upgrades on this device as compared to Oneplus 7 and 7 pro.

Potrait Mode now allows to use 1x or 2x Zoom level which was not in OP 7 and 7 pro.

Nigthscape mode now allows to use all the lenses, i.e Primary, Telephoto and Wide whereas they were not allowed in OnePlus 7 and 7 pro.

One more feature that has been added is Macro Mode, in which you can click macro shots using this mode which was absent on OP 7 and 7 pro.

Where I felt It did best!

Obviously every phone’s camera has some sweet spots and some sour point, Here I will share some of the pictures I took with it and they turned out to be super amazing.

I tried using Pro mode a lot and it felt really easier than any other phone I have use till date, It has got pretty sweet exposure and white balance setting and a great shutter speed range to capture light streams.

Where does the Camera fell short!

So, its not of big deal but to capture slowmotion videos in low lighting conditon over an object other than fire, It failed because we get a flickering in video which is not desirable at all.

Video recording at night has been a bit of pain because of the same reason.

But recording slowmo of light and fire with its 480fps Slowmotion was quite impressive.

My Personal Verdict

According to me personally I am very much impressed by the amount of features and quality of pictures & videos are upto the mark.

Sometimes I get trolled by Redmi K20 Pro users in my group for having an expensive deal buying OnePlus cause in some lighting scenarios it may get dull pictures than K20 pro’s camera.

Yet its undeniable to say than in most, it gets better pictures. One thing to remember is device is only 40% rest 60% of getting great images depends on you as a photographer.

Hope you liked, if there is something you wanna correct me with, comment below and I will surely reply to you, my friend!

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